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west you see how the atmosphere moistened up a bit. heavier showers 4 approaching culpeper here in 30 minutes. on live doppler 9000 hd, i zoomed in to northern virginia toward loudoun county and the martinsburg area. some showers there are moving to the north. watch out. that is coming up route 15, frederick county in a while and we will all see rain showers move in the next two to three hours. temperatures start in the 40s and 50s going to only near 60 today. kris sneed has the traffic update. >> we will start in maryland on the beltway. checking out the outer loop from 95 to 270, no problems here. going to the realtime graphics and check out out, 4, 5 and 301 in brandywine. no issues to report. switch to inbound new york avenue. no issues from the times building to the third street tunnel. a clear commute. going back to the graphics, you
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can see construction should be cleared or in the clearing stages and no delays to worry about and 66 eastbound, live shot past 7100 to the beltway looking good. andrea? good morning, andrea. the title of a hearing is called, i want to get this right, the washington metro system's safety, service and stability to examine the challenges facing them as it transitions under new leadership. it is a long title but boils down to one big question -- should there be more federal oversight of metro? this hearing is on the heels of
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a string of deadly accidents that occurred in the metro system over the past year. at the top of the agenda they will address the efforts to improve safety and service. another item on the table will be the massive budget deficits confronting the transit agency and metro's search for a new and permanent general manager. there's a lot on the table at the committee hearings. yesterday the top three three leaders of maryland, virginia and the district, held a press conference to say they will be calling for a more accountable metro system at today's congressional hearings. >> we have an obligation and we would like to have more direct oversight over lamata and not less and that was the bottom line coming out of today's discussions. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: as i said, dc
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mayor fenty also issued a statement yesterday regarding today's congressional hearings. i will let you know what he had to say at 5:30. >> thank you. this morning, flights are taking off and landing in the united kingdom and other parts of northern europe. however, the affects from that volcanic ash cloud could linger for weeks to come. this morning in frankfurt, germanmy they are gradually reopening the country's air space. stranded passengers have been in long lines hoping to get an open seat. several hundred flights operated in germany yesterday under special rules. here at home police have verdicting the drowning of a teenage in anne arundel county, maryland. rescuers from several jurisdictions pluck the 15 year out of the river yesterday afternoon but could not be
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revived. brown brown died before he could stand trial in the shooting of johns. the fbi said he first a came to their attention in ' 63 when he was accused of threatening the life of a man over a $1,000 death. dorothy height died yesterday morning at the age of 98 at howard university hospital. she worked for evalty and human rights. >> a number of people spoke about her legacy. >> she led by example to show black women that they could be both, think didn't have to shed one persona or the other. >> dorothy height, who was the quintessential healer and bringing of people together, her thing was coalition winding. >> reporter: president obama called height the god mother of the schism rights movement
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saying she was the only woman at the highest level of the movement. you can find more about the life of dorothy height on our website at dc delegate eleanor holmes norton says she is working to get the district a vote in congress. hoyer hoped to bring it up for a vote this week but scrapped the measure after realizing it didn't have enough support republicans attached a amendment that would have severely weakened the city's gun laws. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. bull charges. >> again, we are seeing more rallies and today quality will focus on the stream of earnings that helped to produce the rally yesterday. some of the big names are slated to report later today are ebay, mcdonald's and asian stocks shot higher today and more evidence of a recovering
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taking hold. the dow stands at 11117 after adding 25 points yesterday. the nasdaq surged 2 on they s&p 500 added nearly ten points. wall street will also focus on more rumblings about a possible marriage in the sky. united and continental airlines are reportedly in the early exchanges. united has also been in talks with u.s. airways but early speculation has united more interested in the larger continental. did you toss and turn last night? you are not alone. a study finds 40% of americans have trouble sleeping almost every night. if your mattress is the reason there's something that may interest you. consumer reports conducted test on squeeze size mattresses.
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bargain, bargain, bargain on the mattress. >> i'm looking for the right pillow is my biggest problem. you have saving tips in the next half hour. >> we are saving you money in the kitchen. and we will explain in this next half hour. the u.s. postal service and national parks service teamed up to offer views of classic american landscapes at the national postal museum yesterday officials announced the release of 20 stamped postcards featuring ten different national park designs and they are releasing a book called the grandest things. our national parks in words, images and stamps. space shuttleson the ground this morning. the shuttle touched down at kennedy space center. weather postponed the landing and fog delayed the first
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landing window. carried the 15 day mission to the international space station. this particular shuttle is scheduled to ply only one more mission, the last one. nasa is scheduled to retire the entire shuttle fleet later this year. an 89-year-old woman refuses to let a criminal have his way. the story is coming up. plus, they have been sentenced jail and now the balloon boy's parents will pay more for that hoax. some military officials blame school lunches for giving them a smaller pool of qualified recruits. it is 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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the parents who plead guilty in the balloon boy hoax have pay agreed to pay restitution to colorado authorities who respondedded to the incident. they reported their 6-year-old son floated away in a homemade balloon and he was later found at their home. an 89-year-old woman used her gun to scare a burglar out of her home in iowa. she heard a sound at the front door and warned the man outside she was armed but the broke in any way. turner shot this but the would be robber fled. police later arrested the suspect. the redskins 2010 schedule is out. details coming up. plus, we are getting close to may but it is still snowing in parts of the u.s. for us regular old april showers. here's howard. >> this morning it is 5:10 some showers showing up in virginia but, maryland, these are
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we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day.
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it looked like winter in california. temperatures dropped throughout the day yesterday. and those places just over the freezing mark got a cold rain instead of the snow. >> this is actually good. it builds up snow pack and the water supply out west is mainly
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from the winter snows that melt during the spring and run downhill to the lower elevation and those reservoirs fill up. >> that's a good thing but problems with mudslides or anything like that. >> there thereby of course in california, earthquakes, fires, mudslides. >> poor california. we are two inches below for the month of april. we will make a run on evening out the numbers. we will look at the wide radar picture on the weather computer and you can see the moisture coming in. moving right up to the potomac now. heaviest stuff in south central virginia and northeastern north carolina. go to live doppler 9000 hd. some of that rain is moving in our neighborhood now. you will see it to the west along i-81 and points west and south of washington. i want to start off, though, to the north an west. seeing showers out of
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martinsburg area, up i-81. williamsport, maryland, hagerstown, from brunswick to lovettsville this is heading to middletown and frederick. that goes down route 15 to leesburg, as well. winchester light showers for you, also in to west virginia. but this stuff is fairly light picking up as you head to luray back to amissville, as well. seeing a few showers back to the stafford county coming south of prince william county. this will be moving up. here's quantico, woodbridge, manassas, the sprinkles to the south. stafford going up 95 may need the windshield wipers for a few minutes. all right. let's talk about the forecast here over the next three days. we are looking at wet weather for you this wednesday. light rain and showers. it's going to keep temperatures cool. yesterday 59 and today lucky to make 61. beautiful tomorrow but could be an afternoon shower and a
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pleasant end to the week on friday. watch for showers moving in. grab the rain gear. milder with 40s and 50s. 6:25 for your sunrise. showers throughout the day with light rain at 60. south winds five miles an hour. tonight the showers around in the evening and tapering off after midnight if not before. winds turning to the west and northwest. 45 brandy wine -- baltimore i should say. 0 in winchester with light sprinkles around. 48 culpeper. we are 54 and pax river is 55. the seven-day forecast, well, showers around today. keep the rain gear handy. milder tomorrow with afternoon an shower possible. saturday starts off dry and shower by afternoon. better chance of showers and thunder on sunday. earth day festival at the national mall. i will be there noon to three and probably wearing rain gear and monday an tuesday more showers are possible. time for a traffic update here. >> good morning.
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right now weather is not causing too much problems on the road. 95 northbound in virginia we are seeing volume between 123 and route 1 woodbridge. 395 as we make the way to the 14th street bridge. pick up around duke street to seminary. no back up there yet. 270 southbound from 121 to the split. a clear commute for drivers with no incidents there. going to realtime graphics right now. if you are going out of baltimore on 32 on the bw parkway or 95, nothing but green which means a clear commute for drivers and finally head to the district. checking out here at connecticut and van ness. no problems throughout the district right now. all the roads are looking good. in the living well headlines, dc's committee on health is holding a budget hearing this morning. one of the issues up for discussion is the mandate that 6th grade girls receive the hpv
5:18 am
vaccine. medical experts and parents are scheduled to testify about the effectiveness and safety. some of the leads prostate cancer experts suggest when men should be screened for the disease at a hearing on captiol hill. it brought together leading experts on the disease. new studies have call glad to question the value of psa testing, a blood test that can produce false positives and overtreatment of prostate cancer. >> discussion is designed to bring clarity to the debate over psa testing and to give an indication where research is taking us in terms of better biomarkers. >> the current biomarker, one is psa, one it is vastly misupside. it is not a cancer test. it tells you there is smoke in the house so to speak. there is a problem in the prostate gland. >> they urge men around age 40 to talk to their doctors about risk factors and whether screening is a good idea.
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school lunches may pose a threat to national security. the problem is those lunches some say are making the children so fat that many can't meet the military's fitness standards that means the pool of healthy adults available for military service has been reduced. it's not just kids eating too much. a study shows people who eat foods with high amounts of added sugars have lower levels of good cholesterol and increased levels of triglycerides. those are key risk factors for heart disease. they are recommending dietary guidelines with lower amounts of sugar. new research has found women who eat processed meats like hot dogs and salami four or more times a week are at higher risk for ovarian cancer. eating that much fish had the opposite affect, helping women to loire their ovarian cancer risk. the capitals try to take a lead in the game four against the canadiens and the redskins
5:20 am
stomp on rumors that t.o. is heading to washington.
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a 36-year-old receiver with a bad attitude is the kind of guy the odd redskins would have gone after but not dan snyder and bruce allen. and then we hear the name terrell owens. mcnabb was allegedly lobbying to sign the receiver even though they fought like cats and dogs in philly. last night mcnabb said the whole story is hogwash and shanahan said it ain't happening. >> i appreciate donovan wanting his friend back. but we made a decision as an organization not to go in that direction but i can understand his relationship with donovan. we will not go in that
5:24 am
direction rite now. meanwhile redskins schedule came out on tuesday. how's this -- the one down side to the caps winning their division by 18 points is that heading to the playoffs it had been a while since they played a meaningful game. perhaps that explains the sluggish start in the series. but whatever, it is over now. the victory they had 5-1 on sunday put the caps up -- i should say on monday putting the caps up two games to one heading in to tonight in montreal but there is one problem, the power play. they had the best in the league during the year but 0-13 in the
5:25 am
playoffs leading bruce boudreau to say. >> we suck right now. we still need the power play to be better and i think it will be the next game hopefully but that was good for a team to get everybody involved. >> reporter: baseball last night the nats hosting the rockies. olson was the pitching victim. olson two innings and six runs allowed. you know it will be a tough knight when the opposing pitcher gets you. bases loaded. nats down 8-0. zimmerman with a two run shot. his second for the year butter it was for naught and the nats fall. virginia lawmakers return to the state house for what could be a long day. plus, on the eve of a safety hearing the top leaders demand more accountability for metro. it turns out a driver involved in a deadly crash this
5:26 am
week is already facing trial for a handful of other traffic violations. here's kris sneed with an update on the traffic. >> we are flying past hunter mill to route 7 to the beltway. seeing in problems there. it's 854 degrees outside. more weather and traffic coming up.
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design your plan at happy hour in alexandria's hotel monaco was full of dogs last night aveda hosted the canines and raffle. they are trying to raise awareness of clean water issues during earth month. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. kris sneed will have the traffic in just a moment. howard bernstein is here. the forecast, a little soggy. >> but it is a good thing. a we need the rain and it will help to cleanse the pollen. i put down organic lawn food. hopefully it will do the job.
5:30 am
you have to use twice as much. the experiment in going green continues. let's talk about what is happening outside. we have some rainfall showing up on live doppler hd. to the west and southwest becoming steadier south of warrenton an culpeper. some showers up 81 but through martinsburg in to parts of maryland. and even south of frederick off of route 15 near point of rocks and leesburg we have showers through the shenandoah valley. scattered light showers. and light sprinkles from quantico up to woodbridge and back in to charles county. we are in the 40s and 50s. going up to 60. grab the rain gear. here's kris sneed in for angie this morning. >> the beltway in maryland, no problems 95 to 270. a live shot at colesville. both loops looking good.
5:31 am
switch to virginia. live here at route 50. no problems between the american legion bridge and the wilson bridge. everything is moving well. flipping over to 66. we are seeing a little volume starting to build around 234 to route 29 in centreville and clear all the way past 50 to the beltway. going to the graphics, we have no delays on metro. vre and marc. all the trains are on time this morning. >> thank you. in a few hours metro will come under the microscope on captiol hill. a hearing comes after top local officials took the transit system to task. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live at the king street station with more. good morning. the hearing starts at 10:00 this morning on captiol hill and they will be talking about all of the big issues facing metro. i'm talking safety of course, budget and finding new leadership. those are the same issues that were discussed yesterday by three of the top leaders in
5:32 am
maryland, virginia and the district, and that's governor o'malley, governor mcdonnell and mayor fenty. the three held a press conference to say they will be calling for more accountability of metro's system at today's congressional hearing. >> to be quite frank, i think we all agree we need more accountability at lamata. the fatalities and injuries are the most serious problems but our residents who ride metro every day want to see the best transit system in the country and we should expect nothing less here in virginia, maryland and washington, d.c. >> reporter: now today's hearing comes on a string of deadly accidents that occurred over the past year in the metro system. at the top of the agenda they will discuss safety and service. another item on the table is the massive budget deficits that are confronting the transit agency and finally the committee will address metro's
5:33 am
search for a permanent general manager after their last general manager resigned earlier this month. the title of the hearing is very long. it is called the washington metro system's safety service and stability to examine the challenges facing l amata as it changes leership. it is a long title but boils down to one question, should there be more federal oversigh over metro. work on the metro rail line to dulles will close a highway tonight. starting at midnight crews will temporarily close the toll and access roads east of the unher mill interchange. this is so dominion virginia power can relocate electric lines. they will be until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow unless rain postpones the project. the driver accused of causing a deadly car wreck will be arraigned. it turns out he had a long list of previous traffic charges
5:34 am
according to court records. police say the 34-year-old slammed in to a car at alabama and 36th street southeast on monday night. 37-year-old mary winbush died. the four children in her car suffered life-threatening injuries. jones is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the crash his charging are awaiting outcome in maryland court. tonight a viewing will be held for dc middle school principal brian betts. in the days since the 42-year- old's murder last thursday, brian betts family has learned more about some of the things she accomplished. brian betts has been helping to put several of his former students through college. >> he was our hero. he was my hero. he was my big brother but it was nice to know he was other people's hero as well that other people knew how great he was and that is what keeps us going. >> reporter: family members say it will help if montgomery county police can find his killer. brian betts was found shot to death in a bedroom of his home.
5:35 am
his family is creating a scholarship through the dc public schools where brian betts was principal at shaw middle school. he will be buried in his hometown of manassas, virginia. vara law make -- makers are returning to virginia. 96 of the changes are changes to the state budget. critics oppose the cuts to mental health services, public schools and programs for at- risk youth. things could get tricky in senate needs a tie breaking vote because bill bolling is stuck in europe because the volcanic ash cloud cancelled his flight time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is become with the top five highest paying jobs for women. good morning. >> good morning. these are interesting results from a report put together by cnn. in some careers women are bringing home really big paychecks but -- you know what
5:36 am
the but is, they are making less than their male counterparts the top paying job for women, ceo, median pay $1,500 a week. number two is pharmacist, lawyer, computer and it manager and five is software engineer. still women are making 25% less than men in these positions except for software engineers. the pay gap is closer to 15%. home improvements are a big priority this year. a survey by american express say the majority of owners believe a sellers mark is a couple of years away. as a result 60% plan to remodel or upgrade their properties to boost the value. the average budget for a home improvement project is $5,200. it is time for the money- saving tip of the day. when you are cooking adding flavor can be costly. to save money on spices try to grow fresh herbs in a window box or planter on your patio or
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buy in bulk. and ethnic foods are much cheaper than supermarkets. for more follow me on twitter or be my friend on facebook or go to my blog at the financialista. >> one was telling me they shop at asian food markets because of the price difference and quality. >> there is a huge difference. you would be surprised. an exhibit featuring the apollo theater is coming to washington. visit tores can travel to the museum of american history to learn how the famed harlem theater impacted entertainment. a who's who of african-american entertainers launched their careers there. apparently it wasn't a publicity stunt. apple gets the iphone prototype returned. that story is coming up. it may sound like a
5:38 am
disaster but this explosion was in the name of safety. >> a live look at fox hall canal road heading to the district. it is light drive for drivers. we will have what's in the news now coming up.
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5:40 am
west virginiaens consider new regulations in response to the worst coal mining disaster since ' 70. a state board says changes are needed to prevent another explosion. some ideas include requiring barometers at all coal mine and more maintenance of methane detectors. the sound of a huge explosion reverberates in a canyon in utah. however it was no cause for alarm. crews blasted away a slab of limestone outside of a popular cave. national park service officials fear it could crash down on visitors. a tech website posted photos of the latest iphone
5:41 am
prototype. an apple engineer left the phone on a bar tool where he was celebrating his birthday. it is back in apple's hands after the top legal officer wrote a letter demanding its return. the nra could be showing up in your child's classroom. more on that story coming up. plus, a look at the european airports which are back in business this morning for the first time in almost a week. howard is on the weather terrace. >> that's right. not raining yet but the rain jacket on and the umbrella in the hand we look at live doppler 9000 hd and we will talk about the rain not only today but as we head to the weekend. we will return in just a moment. here's to the believers.
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airports in the united kingdom and across europe are springing back to life this morning but that doesn't mean everything is back to normal, not by a long shot.
5:45 am
charlie d'agata has more from heathrow airport. it's a site europe's busiest airport hasn't seen in almost a week. passengers are finally streaming in though arrivals terminals heathrow airport. this group is on one of the first flights back since volcanic ash brought air travel to a stand still. >> i tried stand by and luckily we got on. >> reporter: on the other side toe atlantic some americans are also back home this morning. among them, this san francisco marching band. and their weary chap roans. >> i'm looking forward to being able to relax when i get to my home because it has been a big responsibility. >> reporter: but for many the journey isn't over yet, with more than 95,000 flights cancelled in europe alone, it could take days or even weeks to clear the backlog. >> pretty bad. they are herding cats right now. the problem is they have to put planes in places where they need to be and flight crews
5:46 am
together with planes and they are not together. they are out of sequence and out of cycle. >> reporter: european officials expect departures to return to a close to normal schedule by friday and high school teacher douglas bond sure hopes so. he is trying to get back to the u.s. from london with his 55 students but knows it won't be easy. >> we will be parked at heathrow with a few hundred thousand other people waiting to get on our flights but the crowds aren't the only challenge. experts warn a volcano in ice land may not be done acting up yet. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> it is 5:46. howard is here. we were just talking about you know you think it is great to be in foreign locals but most people are saying they are hoping to be first in line. >> exactly. >> they are running out of money anyhow. >> got to be prepared. travel insurance. those folks are really paying up. if you have the travel insurance this is one of the few times, you can't get it now
5:47 am
because it is a known issue but if you had it you were covered in many cases, yes. >> let's talk weather wise. we have rain showing up this morning, especially to the west and southwest. the action is moving in throughout west virginia, virginia, the carolinas and really knocking on the doorsteps. heaviest stuff is south. on live doppler 9000 hd we see it in the shenandoah valley moving in to west virginia. a few sprinkles closer to washington. look at this, williamsport in maryland, washington and frederick county, meyersville. south of frederick a couple of light sprinkles 270 west and point of rocks. and farther to the south and west and show you light sprinkles that are falling wood stock to new market out of the winchester area down 522 over to my hay missville, warrenton may get a couple of sprinkles and charles county back to stafford now. we are seeing a couple of light
5:48 am
sprinkles up to the river, woodbridge back to northwestern and western sections of charles county. this will continue to increase as we go throughout the morning. in fact, our forecast for the next three days calling for rain and showers today, cool 61. milder tomorrow but an afternoon shower is possible. and friday looks pleasant to finish off the workweek a temperature of 69. the bus stop forecast, grab the rain gear. showers are moving in 40s and 50sthis morning. sunrise 6:25. showers off and on throughout the day. light rain at times. highs 60, 61. south winds at 5:00 and tonight the showers this evening tapering off after midnight and cool with temperatures in the 85 to 50-degree range. where they are now although we are up to 54. 55 fredericksburg. winchester is 49 and hagerstown 53. we have 54 with clouds. dew point is 46. the humidity is 72% and a light southeasterly wind. we are waiting on the rain to move in here in to washington.
5:49 am
that will happen the next couple of hours. showers today and 61. 70 tomorrow. by the weekend we have a chance of showers returning by saturday afternoon and a much better chance of shower and thunder on sunday in to monday with cooler temperature business tuesday. good morning, kris sneed. >> good morning, howard. we are seeing dry roads throughout the dc metro area but seeing delays build on 270. slow germantown to i-370. a couple of extra minutes, five at the most there. moving to the graphics. flying 50 westbound the bay bridge to annapolis. we will go to inbound new york avenue where if we switch over to our cameras we are slowing down from the times building to this spot at bladensburg and clear past florida to the third street tunnel. switching over to 395 northbound, volume is picking up, five minutes for drivers there and then 14th street bridge and finally 95 northbound in virginia. two delays to speak of. first off we are switching from
5:50 am
prince william parkway to lorton and then you start to back down again from 7100 all the way up to back lick road. over to you. >> dc public school leaders are celebrating improved test scores among students as a sign that changes made by michele lee have been successful. numbers from the national assess of educational progress says dc public schools has some of the most improved scores in the nation. however, a teacher says those scores are skewed. he says from 2007 until 2009 the educational achievement gap for certain groups grew significantly. >> the increase in scores was disproportionately larger for small groups. you know, for white students, hispanic students, those that don't qualify for free lunch, which means they are not economically disadvantaged. >> reporter: the city disputes the findings saying the test scores of african-american students in dc have been
5:51 am
improving at a faster rate than either white or black students nationwide. the national rifle association could be coming to your child's school. and antigun advocates are seething about it. >> there's a gun up here. >> i don't care what the narrow interest is. i don't want it mandated and i don't want it shoved down my child's throat. >> reporter: antigun activists are angry over legislation about to be signed by mcdonnell that says if school boards offer firearm safety education in elementary school they must use the national rifle association's eddie eagle gun safe program which includes this videotape. >> and then, behind the broom, i saw a gun. at just that moment the kids saw it too. >> reporter: the nra said they consulted child psychologists in developing the program. >> stop, don't touch, leaf the area. tell an adult. >> reporter: but eddie eagle is no different than joe camel that encouraged people to smoke
5:52 am
says one with the brady campaign. >> they are doing this to recruit more gun owners in the future. they realize demographics are against them. >> he says that it shows mcdonnell is in the pocket of the nra. >> this is an nra backed bill all the way. they want to indoctrine nate our children. >> one said that 21 million school children in all 50 states had taken gun safety with eddie eagle. the spokesperson says eddie eagle has no agenda and never seen touching a gun and it is paid for with grants by the nra foundation. and although critics say it uses valuable school teaching time and resources. in fairfax, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> virginia senate majority minority leader tried to allow
5:53 am
the national crime council. a well-known white house aide becomes a crime victim in the district. and how cleaning up the environment could reverse the trend of intersex fish. some democrats on the board of supervisors for fairfax county says propose cuts for students could keep them from approving next year's bucket. and bob ehrlich's radio show some say is an illegal infomerical now he is running for governor. read these story and more in the examiner. for the worst allergies,
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at welcome back. police are looking for the person who mugged actor penn a as he walked through a dc neighborhood on tuesday morning the attacker took the harold and kumar's wallet. he left acting recently to pursue a career this politics. michael douglas ' son was sentenced to five years in
5:57 am
prison despite pleas from his his father. he was arrested for dealing methamphetamine and cocaine from a new york hotel room. and first she shed 40- pounds in public and now she has more to be proud of. she just finished in the boston marathon in five hours and 14 minutes in time for another celebration her 50th birthday this friday. we want to hear about great news in your community. remember, you can send your story and pictures to oh my to let us know what is going on where you are. howard. one of the things earth day does is encourages us to look at the health of our environment. one type of fish in local rivers is raising an alarm. they are calling attention to male small mouth bass that are producing eggs like their female counterparts. experts suspect chemical waste the water may be the problem. >> reporter: scientists call them intersect fish and the
5:58 am
male small mouth bass possess female traits. >> it is a canary in the coal mine where 80% of the male bass have eggs that's not something that should be happening. >> that's scary. >> there is nothing wrong with nature. >> reporter: scientists do not know the exact cause of the problem or the affects on human health but suspect chemical waste from human products to agriculture may be the product. >> researchers have been trying to piece together the funding. they have not been funded at an adequate level to conduct research and analysis. >> reporter: they urge the public to contact lawmakers on this issue. >> we just have to take action now because waiting any longer makes it harder and more expensive and more difficult to do. so now is the time. >> reporter: on a opinional level experts say avoid tossing medicine down the drain. return it to the drugstore and garden with concern for the earth. >> people should think long and
5:59 am
hard whether they need to apply herbicide and pesticides. >> reporter: peck -- exerts say residents need to pay attention and take the problem seriously . to learn more go to the con verve advancecies website. we have a link to it on our site at all right. we want to welcome all of you who are joining us now at 6:00 a.m. howard continues with the forecast. >> it is a wet one. check this out. we have had moisture all morning long. coming from the south and west up 81. rather heavy as you head to 64 through the richmond area shortly and through charlottesville, as well. some of this is getting in to our neighborhood. on live doppler 9000 hd we will show you the with have the action main will toy the west and southwest. a few showers are popped up we

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